What to Expect / Fees

Forest Therapy is a slow guided walk in nature, with gentle activities that can accommodate most fitness levels.  Walks vary in length from 1 ½ to 3 hours, dependent upon the number of participants and walk location.  Unless specifically noted in a class announcement, walks are designed for adults or young adults ages 14 and older. 

Forest Therapy is not a lengthy nature hike, a naturalist outing, or a substitute for medical treatment.  The Forest Therapy Guide works in partnership with their natural surroundings.   The guide holds a safe supportive space, finds suitable trails, and manages the time. 

It is nature, the forest, and the More Than Human World, that provide the wisdom and healing.

How to Prepare for a Forest Therapy Walk

  • Dress for the weather including rain gear/sun hat
  • Comfortable clothing  (layers and closed toe shoes suggested)
  • Pack a blanket, chair, or mat for resting in nature
  • Bring water and light snacks if needed
  • Leave your pets safely at home
  • Set aside all expectations and remain open to what nature offers on the journey


Costs will vary dependent upon group size and venue. Walks can be arranged for couples, groups,
and remote events. The average cost for a group forest therapy walk is $35/person. Scholarships
may be available for anyone experiencing financial hardship. Please reach out to discuss how
Forest Therapy may be able to support you.